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Electric Roads

Great story over at Txchnologist about work being done to enable wireless charging.  Imagine if, sort of like your electric toothbrush at home, your EV could pick up a little juice while simply driving on roads or while parked or while stopped at a red light. Inductive power transfer works great for your toothbrush and just might work for your EV too. While the concept is only in the R&D stage, the potential impact is staggering. Not only would this expand charging networks, but it could actually reduce the cost of EVs themselves.  How?  If an urban region truly enabled a “charge anywhere, anytime” network of electric roads, EVs could get away with having less range and consequently smaller batteries.  With batteries being the heaviest and most expensive component of an EV, smaller batteries would immediately reduce the cost of EVs, improve acceleration and handling, and ultimately increase sales.

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